Turbo Heat Exchangers

Packless Turbo Heat Exchangers are specifically intended for application on refrigeration systems to transfer heat between liquid refrigerant leaving the condenser on the high pressure side of the system and refrigerant vapor leaving the evaporator on the low pressure side of the system.

This heat transfer may be desirable for several reasons:

  1. To raise the vapor temperature to prevent frosting or condensation on the suction line.
  2. To evaporate any remaining liquid in the vapor stream to prevent possible compressor damage.
  3. To subcool the liquid to prevent flash gas in the liquid line.
  4. To increase system refrigerating capacity.

Packless utilizes a counterflow “tube-in-tube” design for Turbo Heat Exchangers:

Refrigerant vapor flows through the inner tube in a counterflow direction to the liquid refrigerant flowing in the annulus between the inner and outer tube. This counterflow path provides the greatest temperature difference between the two refrigerant streams to yield optimum heat transfer. To further maximize heat exchanger performance with minimum size, the inner tube is convoluted to impart turbulence to both refrigerant flows while the straight-through design helps maintain low refrigerant pressure drops.

Turbo Heat Exchangers are available to fit refrigeration systems of 1/3 to 80 ton capacities:

  • HXR Series – 8 standard sizes for nominal 1/3 to 10 ton systems.
  • LHXR Series – 9 standard sizes from 15 to 80 ton systems.

Each unit is furnished with I.D. sweat connections on both the vapor and liquid sides for ease of installation. Standard sizes are recognized or listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc. (U.L.) for use with the following refrigerants:

R12, R22, R23, R125, R134A, R401A, R401B, R402A, R402B, R404A, R407A, R407B, R407C, R408A, R409A, R410A, R410B, R412A, R502, R507, R508, R509

MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS: Outer Tube – Copper, Inner Tube – Red Brass, Refrigerant Connections – Copper

MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS: Outer Tube – Steel, Inner Tube -Stainless Steel, Refrigerant Connections – Copper, Paint Color – Black

NOTES: All Dimensions in inches.