Basco Engineered Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Basco Engineered Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers have filled virtually every heat transfer need in the fifty plus years the company has been in existence. Before there were standard products, there was engineered products, with each heat exchanger designed for the application. Our experienced design and engineering staff stand ready to bring the best team with the best tools in the industry to bear on your heat transfer challenge.

TEMA Types: We build all TEMA type heat exchangers.
Shell Sizes: From 6″ (150mm) to 42″ (1050mm) normal, with occasional smaller or larger shells.
Maximum Tube Length: 30 ft (9 meters)
Maximum lift capability: 40 tons
Tubes: Tri pitch or square, lofin or bare, BASCORE, plate fin.
Heads: Cast iron, Bronze, 316 S/S; Fabricated heads available in Steel, 304 S/S, or 90/10 CuNi.
Flow: Available in 1-pass, 2-pass, and 4-pass designs
Codes: We have built to:
EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) (97/23/EC)
Chinese Safety Quality License for Boiler and Pressure Vessel.
Australian AS1210
Singapore Code
DOSH Malaysian Code.
Canadian CRN, all provinces.
Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR)
Polish Code
API 614, 660, 618
Value Added: Between our 4 top designers we have combined 90 years of experience designing heat exchangers to every specification and code in the industry. We will give you the lowest cost, best quality heat exchanger that incorporates all of your or your customers’ requirements. If we can fit your application into one of our standard products, all the better for you, because we have pre-screened your application and you still get a lower cost option. Give your heat transfer problems to us and we will handle them for you, that’s our job.

Some of the design tools we use:
HTRI Xchanger Suite for Windows.
Aspen Technologies B-JAC Design System for Windows.
HYPROTECH HYSIM process simulator.
Various in-house design programs.

For complete information on this product visit our Literature section for a free download of the Basco Engineered Products brochure.