Scot Pumps

MotorPump™ is a trademark for a centrifugal pump close-coupled to a NEMA standard electric motor. The pump impeller is mounted on the extended motor shaft. Perfect alignment, exceptional seal life and quiet operation are MotorPump™ advantages. Product details and specifications can be found in our Industrial and Agricultural catalogs.
  • Economical
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Iron – Bronze – Cast & Welded Stainless
  • Standard Fitted – Bronze Fitted – Stainless Fitted
  • Close Coupled – Horizontal or Vertical Mounted
  • Mechanical Seals – Types 21 and 6
  • Precision Machined and Balanced Impellers
  • NPT and ANSI Flanged Connections
  • NEMA Standard J, JM, JP Pump Motors
  • Open Drip Proof Motors or Totally Enclosed Motors for Outdoor, Dusty, Dirty or Weather Exposed Conditions

Specialty Pump designs available include:
Vertical Sealless – Vertical Mount – Side Wall Flange Mount – Self Priming – Hot Oil – Water Jacketed – DC Motor Driven – Vortex Solids Handling – Low Temp Chiller